1. Falling in and out of love really changes you. Especially, if it was real.

  2. I stopped being awesome.
    I had a bad year, and I’ve been then been in this slump of negativity, unproductivity, and self-loathing. It’s drastically affected a lot of my work, my motivation to improve as a designer, my desire to make art and my ability to obtain new career opportunities. I stopped having fun, appreciating my blessings, and being overall happy. I feel like I’m stuck in this bubble of negativity and all the good things that are trying to come my way keep getting deflected.

    But it’s time for this to stop. Even spending one more second in this slump is a waste. I need to get back on my grind, get back to my passion, and get back on track to be successful.

    I know it won’t be easy and I might find myself in this place a couple more times before I’m out for good, but today I’m gonna get out of bed and get back to being awesome.